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Welcome to the Official Site of the Muslim Student Association PSG of North America

—Imam Ali, Nahjul Balagha Sermon 192:
“Certainly, it is a great blessing of Allah, the Glorified, that He has engendered among them unity through the cord of
affection in whose shade they walk and take shelter. This is a blessing whose value no one in the whole world realizes, because it is more valuable than any price and higher than any wealth.”


We are created to move toward the endless ocean of Allah’s Mercy. We are meant to have concern not only for ourselves, but for all other human beings, regardless of nation, time or place. Our souls need to sympathize with those who are oppressed, and stand against the oppressors. Islam teaches the path to ridding our hearts of ignorance and enmity, allowing us to cultivate
kindness and selflessness, which will bring us closer together. MSA-PSG has been dedicated to the global Islamic movement since its inception over 45 years ago. With the Islamic Revolution in Iran, we became doubly committed to unity and brotherhood among all Muslims. Our mission is to promote a sincere movement of brothers and sisters who purify our inner
selves and serve other human beings with compassion, as the Prophet of Islam (s) did. At this year’s conference, MSA-PSG will begin a discussion on an issue that is relevant to the Muslim Ummah as a whole. We will explore the concept of the Islamic way of life, and seek practical steps that aid us live on the Prophet’s path. We will begin by taking a closer look at the akhlagh dimension of the Islamic way of life, and how we strengthen ourselves to grow closer to the Prophetic ideal of a noble character—makarim ul-akhlagh.